Arkansas Summer is one of the best albums of the year, and confirms what so many of us old college radio kids have known for 20 years now—Maxwell’s massive skills as a pop songwriter deserve every bit as much renown as his equally crucial talents as a film and television composer. –Ron Hart, Paste Magazine

"Maxwell's writing is strong and supremely confident, but it's his unerring taste in sonic sculpture that elevates Arkansas Summer to the top echelon of American pop. It's a mature and beautiful work of art from an extraordinarily talented artist....
But it's also gorgeous and heart-crushing, and certainly one of the best "albums" - if you define album as a coherent collection of songs that are thematically consistent and resonate with one another - of the past two years." -Philip Martin, Arkansas Democrat

“…masterful Baroque Americana...It’s a deftly crafted, multidimensional and musically stunning autobiographical journey called Arkansas Summer....You can enjoy Arkansas Summer is an autobiographical linked narrative of sorts, or just as a really keen collection of expansive roots/pop gems that might give Wilco a little kick in the pants, many of which are going to sound simply awesome on WFUV. It’s really a masterpiece either way.  -- John Burdick, Hudson Valley Almanac

"Chris Maxwell musically channels the heart of Americana-pop — Big Star, Freedy Johnston, Wilco and the like — in crafting a song-cycle as personal as home movies with X-rays included. A beautifully poised grown-up album in an age that still coughs one up from time to time."— Jonathan Lethem

Marc Maron on Twitter: "'Arkansas Summer' is a great sounding record, @chrisamaxwell! Thanks for getting it to me. It's a real treat, man."

"...vivid, touching and funny lyrics...literate pop." -- Oxford American Magazine 

"Arkansas Summer by Chris Maxwell. After years of doing production work for Iggy Pop, They Might Be Giants, several indie bands and for TV shows such as Bob’s Burgers and Inside Amy Schumer, Chris Maxwell finally steps out on his own with this stellar debut solo album. Combining Beatlesque sensibilities with Americana, the album has everything from introspective ballads to foot stomping roots rockers. Vocally, Maxwell channels John Lennon’s Plastic Ono Band period and the production quickly moves from sparse to lush, sometimes within the same song. An outstanding debut album. Arkansas Summer is available now through Amazon, Itunes and all major music retailers." - Interrobang

"Maxwell shows such an artful sense of economy with the lyrics that one easily imagines stone silence coming over an audience if he simply read them aloud as a poem." - Nashville Scene

"If the album feels like winding, compelling journey for the listener, it’s because this is exactly what shaped Maxwell’s ability to make the album. From start to finish, Arkansas Summer is the work of someone who has earned his credibility, his influence, and his wisdom." - NYS Music