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  1. Devil Song


Devil Song
I was surprised when I woke up dead
I was dressed in fire engine red
Even had horns on the top of my head
Renee Renee Renee Renee
Don't you recognize me anymore
I have fallen
I am not my mother's son
Did i lie with beady eyes
Did i lie between your thighs
Down here every body lies
For those of you with angel wings
Go get the guillotine
Chop my head off clip my wings
I say goodbye to your cruel cruel world
Make groovy love to a devil girl
She's in a heavy metal band called Medusa's Curls
We stay up late and sleep till noon
Throw costume parties under full moons
I've learned to whistle from the wind
A devilish tune
I'm cutting holes in my hats
For my horns to fit through
I'm the handsome devil next to you