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  1. Impossible Knot


Impossible Knot
Convinced of who i thought i was
i rode my camel into town
hard candy on my tongue
the process had begun
To shake what held me down
Convinced I knew the way
I held my maps over the flame
Fooled around and got lost
The camel wandered off
Now no one left to blame
All I have
Are unfinished thoughts
Dangling like the ends
To an impossible knot
Tilted my sombrero
to shade me from the facts
of what my hubris cost
and all the things i'd lost
I prayed my camel would come back
Convinced that it was night
I tried to fall asleep
but fell into a grave
of memories that i made
but couldn't keep
Convinced of who I thought I was
I made my way back home
An act of revolution
Ended in confusion
Now I'm nothing but alone